ABAC Rehearsal 2014 Pim Supawan

ABAC Rehearsal 2014 started with Pim Supawan (Arts Eng)

This year, ABAC graduate early November 2014, but she was not listening to a degree because of the need to study. It was outside on a real puzzling you? Pim was 55 I came very prepared. Whether Shabby’s assistant who acts as a certificate of graduation from ABAC went into my pocket, I feel hollow that this stunned me. The first came to me before I was not familiar with this work as an assistant on 50-85 Photography. There was also helped by the camera I borrowed another try two camera bodies look like so much fun shooting that linger ears. If no help is hard to see them again. Or maybe because it is not used.

Known as the first round of this year to be taken ABAC’s graduation day, few people outside the job. If a married couple, I was.. Infinitely !! In addition to the graduation ABAC Bangna it up in popular places using pre-wedding drama and advertising as well. Nina was a place he is pretty cute.

It’s early morning chill. But chill a white sky. I do not mind it But the only way younger cousins. I scorching sun Relatives of Pim so cute. Carry a camera to take along. Very warm Unlike in traditional graduation ABAC really good. Filled balloon bouquet

I am delighted to have the opportunity to take Pim a very hard day’s hard not to imagine that this was thanks to Onvisa Thewphaingarm. That I have known and taken Pym graduation ABAC in this. Back Omaha’s new 55+.

Another indispensable for this round is the younger Cha Cha’s. Pim nephew graduate of us. Despite some fussing camera shy but lovely with it. Like the duck and dodge into the cruiser appeared to blows. The last flight to Duck (Yes, real duck Ferrer; P).

Finally, I knew that she was listening to Vogue, he took a degree anyway. Glasses are taken to the page I pretty much let one day; P.

The ABAC held a graduation rehearsal and photograph the ABAC Bangna Campus 8-9 November 2014.

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13 Sep 2014 Supawan Khorpetch Graduation