Groupp Patraphan Chotithamwattana

Groupp Patraphan Chotithamwattana Faculty of Communication Arts, Chulalongkorn University


This beautiful young graduate degree The Drum Major of Chulalongkorn 4th Generation known as Chulakatakorn. Thammasat regular football tradition – CU 67, which many people know that I, on behalf of the “Group Horwang”.

Younger Group meets at 8 am definitely very well done that day is Saturday, July 15, 2557 at 8 o’clock, the sun is not very strong, but very hot. But I appreciate the Group has been very hot with no serious photographers also sweat more generously took his 555 blows, blows occasionally. But the time has now posted a photo is submitted without any expression of fatigue from sun to see the album is really cute.

Friend’s quite a lot Hot, but fun My friends, each carrying this bright, fun, hilarious and infinitely. I know that’s not counting one two three port 555 is fully prepared, I do not get anything like good friends like it this way. I like intimate friends together on the board. No matter male or female gender all friends will really love each other but to love each other a little pretentious. I do not have But if you hate me for this very fluently lol I really friends.

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15 June 2014 กรุ๊ป ภัทราพรรณ Graduation