Kasetsart University Rehearsal 2014 Jue

Kasetsart University Rehearsal 2014 Jue.

September 27, Kasetsart University administration that white sky. The moment it started to rain. Younger graduates appear to be waiting around 11.30 this being repaired. He came out again at about two o’clock over. The sky was overcast yet But fortunately it did not rain. (Unless another date is slowly flooding in m. And the intersection of Agriculture, ever) that I can not leave your phone in the principal contact. Fortunately, the meeting point shots well in advance. The relatives and sister to meet here. Although not consecutive, but it was no problem. Some of the technology just does not always remember to plan for me.

Graduation., Kasetsart University graduates today make-up pretty good with plenty of Character. Was very neat Regulation When the hat tassels to position precisely. But this time, it is very natural end. Smile like this. Niag smile to me ^^.

I began to do together relatives console each carry gifts to get so much warmth of the large family is really impressive. I saw this and I thought that was really lucky that the rain does not fall. And lucky that the sun is not strong. Otherwise might not have seen this kind of atmosphere.

Meet friends and relatives turn it back together. I gradually found that a gang of Leave me alone I get swamped younger graduates do not help each other enough to hold the final held not yet deposited to her mother’s friends. Watch a really cute thank you again here.

Curry was a freshman picnicking younger fish younger Boni’s really exciting to graduation., Kasetsart University, today much younger fish also helps hold of, but also slapped Pearl with (oh good) graduate posts. Pearl did not have time to act, however. Have a solution Bowl I have not ever tonnes. Yeah, really talented young nurse. Finally, there’s the talent is making the graduation ceremony of graduates as their own. The trader confirmed I do not like it lol: X.

Graduation., Kasetsart University at the end of this session here at the library. People really like it a lot cooler then. Libraries that do not use flash stick If I really look forward to this, you should use it. But he labeled prohibited I do not use it But it is

Graduation., Kasetsart University 2557 Graduation Ceremony was promoted. Kasetsart University The year 2556 due to Her Royal Highness. Princess Chulabhorn Walailak The Supreme Royal sick doctors offering advice to his pastoral duties stay here.

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