Portrait Jal Wannika at Pickadaily Bangkok.

Portrait Jal Wannika Pretty Funny Nutty

Quite suddenly bit the same for trips around this by  Windsaint and Pandabanana .

It is the thing that I think has happened to Jal Portrait us not so much to choose locations. Not far from the house. Besides that, it was perfect Pickadaily BKK has never visited it again. However, I saw in the internet that some people have taken a cursory look Portrait Here it is water. It’s pretty good, although not yet completed it. And each day we Protrait this scorching sun, too. It began with the arrival of Dodge in the coffee shop (Gulf, 555) met with her on our trips. I enjoy being diligent gel film is a montage posters. Look really hard to see 555.

Portrait of the unit, we were not waiting for me to ask me what the menu is delicious (Hey Hey !!) I was neat to each glass. Plus another cake each piece eyes are closed.

Portrait barely begun to think about the matter is out of date. The strength of the sun’s His concept of the British aristocracy. But this sunny knew Made in Thailand very much a giant chess on the internet, no twists in the day. Wonder horse is hot Although older horses to escape, but it’s our gel. It’s sunny, but somehow I was not afraid. While the board and then we slipped away again, ha ha.

The trip is definitely a trip Portrait funny as ever. Photos Aggravated rarely taken on Greer and funny eat at this time, I have not much time Portrait us. Next time it will be a hassle to again Portrait younger gel fun and very hard.

Location: Pickadaily Bangkok @ Sukhumvit 77.

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30 Mar 2014 Jal Wannika Portrait